Do you find yourself perpetually “stuck” in unhealthy relationships? Do you carry tension that never entirely leaves? Chronic stress and unresolved trauma can be emotionally and physically painful, becoming a cunning toxin that seeps into every aspect of your life. It is easily identifiable in familiar ways, like high blood pressure. But another danger is in its hidden damage: loss of self, difficult relationships, and an ever-present feeling that everything could collapse at any minute.

Unfortunately, traditional talk therapy primarily focuses on intellectualizing thoughts and feelings. Sometimes that is not enough. A key aspect of healing is your body. Often clients have ignored what their bodies have been telling them for years. I have an eclectic and innovative approach to therapy that marries talk therapy and body-focused techniques. I integrate my social work education and evidence-based practices with writing, yoga, Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE), and meditation. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

This is because I spent most of my life in my head, ignoring my body’s requests (and demands). I stayed in bad relationships with partners, friends, and employers. I ignored my body and its good intuition. I kept trying to intellectualize my way through life until I was so sick that I couldn’t do that anymore. Now I help people shed past hurts, create healthier, more fulfilling lives, and stop disruptive cycles.

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Please note that I only offer telehealth sessions and do not accept insurance. My fees range from $60 - $100 per session.

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