Life is hard. You’ve faced many challenges that seemed to have come out of nowhere. You work hard to figure out how to navigate throughout the years. “Overwhelmed” is the best way to describe your ability to cope. While you might feel like you have to handle it yourself, these are the times to reach out for help. To get some direction and find your path forward.

It’s not always comfortable to ask for help. You may say to yourself, “what will people think?”, “I can handle it myself.” Deep down inside, you know that something is not quite right. It’s tough because you usually go at it alone. You always carry the load and bear the burden. I’ve been there before.

The truth is, it takes strength to say, “I need help.” It is courage that allows you to take that step to get help. I will help you discover your inner strengths and abilities. Together we’ll help you create meaningful change and live an enjoyable life.

I use different approaches to help my clients, including Cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and solution-focused. It is essential to maintain a culturally sensitive atmosphere so that each person feels safe to share.

I have experience treating various mental and emotional issues, including depression, anxiety, stress-related issues, anger, and relationship problems. My passion is empowering women to improve their skills in setting boundaries, self-care, and assertive communication. Additionally, I have received training in integrating Christian faith principals into treatment. This is available upon request.

Empathy and respect are two essential elements of creating a teamwork-based therapeutic relationship. Together we can bring lasting solutions with long-term impact.

Choosing a counselor can be an intimidating and overwhelming process, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any other questions that you may have. I am currently seeing all clients virtually who are located anywhere in the state of Ohio. I’d love to partner with you on your personal goals for mental health and wellness, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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