As a Family Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, and Licensed Professional Counselor, I am familiar with many of the considerations involved in Human Caring. Working as an employee for the State of Texas with a total of 33 years of service, I realize the extent of commitment needed in the medical profession and I have that commitment. I currently work for the Department of Homeland Security for Immigrations and Customs as an IHSC Immigration Registered Nurse.

My goals are to provide the best medical care possible for my patients. I have been continually impressed with health care and the sincere commitment, initiative, determination, and integrity in carrying out varied responsibilities. I have always conveyed a high degree of professionalism, as evidenced over the last 33 years of work in human services. I have energy and obvious dedication to the positions I have held. Oftentimes, and with competing demands, I have voiced astute awareness of professional ethics regarding confidentiality, any potential conflict of interest, and all legal requirements/considerations on behalf of his clients.

I possess professional skills to complete assessments, boundaries, and insight to negotiate this professional balance while being sensitive to the needs and preferences of the patients I served. I am focused and diligent in completion of tasks, while not letting less-than-urgent concerns overwhelm me. I have the ability to exercise clear-headed problem-solving to cut through otherwise inefficient expenditures of time and effort.

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