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Have you encountered one or more life events that have caused you to feel stuck in the same routine? You believe you are too far along one path to make any changes. The toll of the daily grind sucks up both your time and energy. You hope in time it will go away; however, over time it intensifies. Relationships, self-care, and personal goals are lost in the process. Are you having difficulty managing multiple life demands, stress, and need help with navigating challenging situations? Or having difficulty adapting to the restrictions set forth in response to COVID-19? If you answered yes to the questions above, Resilience Coaching would be perfect for you!

My role, as your coach, is not to help you recreate the life you used to have. Instead, I will help you build  self-confidence to allow you to hear your inner voice. You will build their capacity to remain flexible in thought, behaviors, and emotions when stressed. I will help you move forward with enough resources to deal with life and work challenges. During uncertain times, I will assist you changing your focus from what is not working to what is. Life’s challenges aren’t meant to break us apart, but to build the strongest parts of ourselves. 

You will receive sessions via video conferencing to keep connected, focused and accountable. S.C.O.R.E.-ing in Life Workbook: It's the tool that will be utilized to develop your action plan. Empowering assignments that will assist you with reaching your goal. Email access in between sessions for support and inspiration.

Resilience Coaching is not therapy; therefore, it can be provided across state lines. This is service is unable to be billed to insurance companies. Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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