Hi, I'm Renisher Roberts, an Emotional Wellness and Relationship Therapist in New York. I'm a Telehealth Clinician specializing in Anxiety, Depression, Couples and Singles Therapy.

Are you struggling with symptoms of ANXIETY or DEPRESSION. Are you experiencing sleepless nights, are you feeling, SAD, down, experiencing low energy or low mood and lack motivation? Are you WORRYING about your future, does it seem hopeless? Do you experience PANIC ATTACKS?

Are you in a relationship and you're tired of walking around on EGG SHELLS, just waiting for the next shoe to drop? You may have asked yourself, how did we get here, as you long for the way things were before. You seem to be more like ROOMMATES than a couple and the future looks pretty bleak.

Are you Single, Divorced, Separated, Widowed or other? Are you struggling with your SINGLE status and feel like you will never meet "the right one"? Are you sick and tired of your current "situationship"? You often wonder, how did I get here and why is this happening to me. You feel all alone and even though everyone thinks you have it all together, you suffer by yourself in your pain.

If any or the above resonates with you. I urge you to reach out today for a FREE CONSULTATION. You don't have to live like this anymore. I help clients just like you, who's symptoms and relationships have held them hostage, for way too long.

I am here to help you work through your symptoms and issues, so that you can live a better healthier life. Your happiness and future self depends on you. I look forward to seeing you in the virtual room.

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