At Two Roads Therapy & Consultation we believe in fostering autonomy, as well as healthy and informed decision making skills. With informed guidance and knowledge about our past and present struggles, we can make decisions along our path that can make all the difference.
We know that families are facing great challenges today more than ever to remain connected and engaged with one another. Families of young children and adolescents are competing with social media influences along with their own past struggles that show up while in relationship with their children.

At two roads, we'll help break down the generational divide and seek to find ways to maintain the connections that mean the most to you. In our individual lives, we struggle to find ways to cope with everyday challenges. At two roads, we'd like to help guide you down that path of resolving your most urgent concerns and finding the balance and calm necessary to healthy decision making.

Here you'll find support such as: Individual & family psychotherapy with a focus on helping the client(s) with understanding deep and long standing patterns that might interfere with how they show up in relationship with themselves and others.

In addition, we offer cash pay Parent coaching and consultation with a focus on attachment, relationships, attunement and reestablishing healthy connections. As a registered Circle of Security Classroom and Parent Facilitator, I use an attachment and relationship lens coupled with an understanding of unique cultural perspectives to guide family coaching & consultation.

Wheww...that was a lot but perhaps there was something within the text that resonated with you! If so, free to call and schedule your free 15 min consultation. Talk soon!

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