Welcome! As a Black, queer, Trinidadian, first generation American, and cis-gender woman, my clients are primarily BIPOC folx who experience mental health and relational challenges as a result of the history of colonialism, slavery, sexism, White supremacy, and xenophobia that has led to a world of inequity and the fear of "other." I partner with those striving to combat the negative impact of systems of oppression (including trauma, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem) as we move toward radical acceptance of self, joy, ease, and healing.

My sensitivity is and has always been my most valuable asset; it has led me to have empathy, understanding, and compassion in relation to others. It has provided me with my livelihood as I have partnered alongside individuals, children, and families in order to move toward the healing, growth, and acceptance that exists in connection with others.

I believe change occurs in relation to others. Please join me as we come together to co-create an environment of emotional safety and repair. Welcoming all races/ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, religions, abilities, and body sizes.

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