Relationship Revitalization™. It’s more than a marketing gimmick; it’s who we are. We don’t just ‘do’ relationship therapy. We live and breathe uplifting people as they build happy, healthy relationships, taking each day as an opportunity to hone our craft, and pass on our insight to the wonderful people we work with.

There truly is no “one size fits all.” Different relationships have different challenges, dynamics and ultimately, desires. Your relationship utopia will be worlds apart from the person beside you at the grocery store, and that’s what makes our planet a beautiful melting pot. We are passionate about supporting our clients in their relationship journey, taking time to truly learn about them, your partner's quirks, their needs, and their wants. Whether they are focusing on parenting, romantic relationship issues, affair recovery, divorce, blended family coaching, or any other relationship difficulties, we tackle your issues head-on, with your happiness at the forefront of everything we do.

Feel empowered to take on relationships with confidence. The tools, skills and strategies to live the life YOU want to lead.

We’re Monica McClain-Reese and Darrell Reese, located in the Houston, TX area. We provide therapy and relationship bootcamps for all relationship issues. We hope that you will enjoy our website’s free Relationship Revitalization™ resources, and that we can help you be your best self in all your relationships!

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