We believe that having an encouraging, supportive and therapeutic relationship between the client and counselor lay the foundation for success. Our focus is to collaborate with you on creating your personal goals based on your strengths, needs and preferences. We help you build and maintain great relationships with yourself, family members, friends and the community. We remain current with evidenced-based practices, through ongoing training, seminars and workshop.

Toynetta Robinson is a LCSWA(Licensed clinical social worker associate) with a Masters Degree in Social work from NCCU, with an emphasis in children, adolescents and adults. I believe change can happen and people can thrive when given the support they need to assist them in identifying their own strengths and recognizing their potential to live fulfilling lives. With more than 15 years of experience working with individuals and families, I have provided an environment of compassion. I’ve worked with children, adolescents and adults with anxiety, depression, ADHD, anger management and PTSD. My therapeutic approach is to evaluate each individual within their environment, provide supportive and practical feedback in order to help them effectively address personal life challenges.
I am a firm believer that our thoughts influence our behavior. So if you’re thinking faulty, so are your behavioral actions. These thought patterns can become so automatic that we don’t recognize when our judgement is irrational. I am genuine, empathetic, unbiased, supportive and I provide objective nonjudgmental guidance. I can be very courageous, vulnerable and transparent when needed. I take the same risks sharing that I expect from my clients I serve.

Ebony Robinson (erobinson@relationshipscounselingcenter.com): Don’t know where to start regarding your mental health or substance use concerns? Do you need a safe space to be your true authentic self? Talking with a professional about your mental health can positively impact your mental wellness. Let’s take that leap of faith together. I have LCMHCA and LCASA Licensure. I have experience working in diverse and multicultural environments and providing a safe environment for my clients to express their emotions, thoughts, and feelings. This allows you to find new ways of thinking and behaving that support a healthier life. I have expertise working with at-risk youth, adolescents, and young adults. I specialize in anxiety, depression, substance use, grief, self-discovery, and career and personal development. I can provide individual and group therapy for adults and adolescents. My therapeutic approach is a collaboration of various theories, including cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, solution-Focused, Person-Centered, and art therapy.

Veronica Watford (vwatford@relationshipscounselingcenter.com) Life often presents challenges and difficulties in areas of parenting, grief/loss, anxiety, depression, trauma, anger or in relationships. You may be experiencing uncontrollable thoughts or memories. Life may seem unmanageable. You may feel uninterested in things you used to enjoy and disconnected from people. You may be experiencing increased anxiety. Relationships may feel strained and not what they used to be. You may just feel like you would benefit from talking about your concerns with a professional. You may need help regaining a sense of hope for your life and coming to know the immense worth and value you have as a person.

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