Peace and Love!, I'm Regina.

Do the internal and external demands of life have you feeling disconnected from discovering what you desire for life? Are you struggling to see the purpose for your life? Has past trauma and life experiences impacted how you navigate life? Are you experiencing the joy of life?

I support individuals seeking to heal with sorting out areas of the past and current lives that impact their current functioning. Collectively, we identify strengths that will support with reaching desired goal. While you will have your own goals, my ultimate goal is for you leave therapy one step closer to knowing who you are beyond the layers. We will utilize strategies to acknowledge how thinking has impacted your current actions. We will use a wholistic approach to increase aware of how mind, body, and spirit work together through the healing process.

Let's face it, life throws us many curve balls. Some of these curve balls are anxiety and depression provoking. Other more serious life events, contribute to Post Trauma Stress Disorder and Major Depressive episodes. You deserve a space to therapeutically unfold and unravel how these curve balls and life events have impacted your life. You deserve to overcome and live a meaningful life. Let's take anxiety and depression out of the driver seats and place you as the rightful navigator of life. I'm here to support you through the healing and growing process. In our sessions together, I ensure you encounter a judgement free space.

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