Holistically Whole is a creative arts therapy practice that operates remotely, making sessions easily accessible from your own home. A space for everyone, particularly the BIPOC community, I integrate traditional verbal therapy with dance-movement therapy, offering clients additional ways and perspectives of processing, accessing feelings and emotions. As representation is often lacking within the therapy space, providing a safe and nonjudgmental environment for people or color, from all walks of life, is one of my practices main goals. Tapping into the creative side of oneself and cultivating a relationship with one's body, can assist in an increased understanding of behaviors, thoughts and patterns as well as discovering new ways of relating to others, utilizing coping skills, increasing insight and awareness. Sometimes words are not enough, and I will help guide and support as we work together to find what works for you in your personal journey of healing. When working with clients, I use an integrative approach, utilizing dance-movement therapy which is rooted in psychoanalytic-psychodynamic framework, and incorporating mindfulness, the Polyvagal Theory (nervous system regulation) and a humanistic-person centered approach. Drawing from these perspectives assist me in treating the client individually and holistically.

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