Life is ever changing! Sometimes we're forced to make that next move or live in that next chapter, even when we're not quite ready to. I know I've been there a few times. Sometimes we may be ready to move on, but there are some unforeseen challenges as we proceed. Whether you're planning ahead and want to work through some hesitations or are in a situation where life circumstances are pushing you into the next phase of your journey, I am here to help you!

Things don't have to be terrible before you get some assistance, although many of us tend to wait until then! That's okay too, it happens! Just because you are an adult and independent doesn't mean that you shouldn't have help as you tackle these obstacles. Sometimes our obstacles can tackle us if we don't reach out. I've been there too! We can all use a shoulder to cry on and a space to figure out how to "just get it together". This may just even mean a place to let it all out so you can keep going. Together we will unpack all your feels and possible setbacks and sort out ways to work through your hurdles.

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