You're proud to be a strong black woman but it doesn’t always match what you feel. You don't see what others see in you. Sometimes you wonder where your confidence has gone or maybe you’re just burnt out and need a break. You want the audacity to be yourself. You’re tired of hiding who you are because you’re not who you’re “supposed to be,” but that's not who you really want to be anyway. This isn't working and Enough is Enough. I empower women to remove the mask of other people’s expectations and have the AUDACITY to be themselves. You can diminish anxiety and depression by connecting with YOUR identity and ignoring the noise of other’s opinions and expectations. My favorite words are perspective and perception because they influence most everything we do. I help you identify unconscious & unintentional thoughts & behaviors that interfere with advancement. I help you to reach your full potential & change what isn’t working.

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