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MORNING SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE (7AM) M, W, F by REQUEST ONLY, please email me for accommodations

Hello there! My name is Raven and I am the founder of Motive Wellness, LLC. I am a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC), licensed clinical addiction counselor (LCAC), certified clinical trauma professional (CCTP) and a certified alcohol and drug abuse consultant (CADAC II).

I have 8 yrs experience in mental health, 3 years in the counselor role. I’ve worked in psychiatric settings, corrections, and rehabilitation centers (kudos to those in recovery!).

For starters, congratulations to you and your willingness to give therapy a try. Whether it’s with me or with another wonderful therapist, blessings to you as you start (or continue) your mental health journey.

People have different “motives” that bring them to therapy. Maybe you’re the person who carries the world on your shoulders. You could be someone who struggles with finding their voice. Maybe you feel like you’ll never be enough or feel like you have to prove yourself to someone. There could be underlying motives that you may gain clarity on once you start therapy.

What ever it may be, you got this. A brand new you is loading…

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