Hi, I'm Shonda!

Do you feel overwhelmed, confused, or simply tired due to the demands of life and relationships? Are you engaging in negative self talk and very critical of yourself and possibly others? Or do you have difficulty asserting your needs from others only to feel resentful and taken advantage of when you don't speak up? If so, I can assist you on your healing journey to improve your relationship with yourself and others.

****I do not provide documentation for FMLA****

I help adults 18+ and couples identify what ways of thinking and behaviors need adjusting in an effort to improve relationships with others and the self. Together, we can assess adverse life experiences that have contributed to low self esteem and distorted ways of seeing yourself, others and the world. We will also uncover core beliefs that are deeply embedded in your psyche that are barriers to your goals.

Finding a compatible therapist is essential, the relationship with your mental health provider is a very important factor. I am considered by many of my clients very relatable and personable as I am human first and have dealt with some of the same issues as you. You deserve a safe space to heal, learn, and grow. Let's begin your healing journey!

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    Las Colinas
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    Online Only
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    Daytime (9a - 5p), Weekend (Sat/Sun)
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