Are you feeling alone? Stuck in life? Feeling like nothing is getting better; and you don’t know what else to do to break the cycle? We all go through these things, and it is okay. You are not alone. I am here to assist as you deepen your understanding of the issues and develop strategies to help you heal and achieve your goals.

I understand each client has unique circumstances that brought them to seek therapy. Therefore, I treat each client as an individual rather than a diagnostic label.

I am a young millennial therapist who can relate to any struggle. I have been working with adults, adolescents, and children within my 7 years in practice. I have also worked in all therapeutic settings such as private practice, inpatient, residential, and community mental health. A break up, low self-esteem, work/financial stress, body image issues, struggles with self-care, grieving the loss of a friendship, you name it! I will be with you on this journey of healing and guide you to down the right path for you in a gentle and compassionate way.

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