Hi I’m Raina

I’m a somatic therapist & coach who specializes in identity, belonging & trauma.

I help Mixed & multiracial people embody their identities & build community where they can be their full selves. I also help interracial couples have courageous & necessary conversations about identity, culture, and power.

Trauma is, by nature, fragmenting. It can cause us to forget who we are, be ashamed about who we are, and feel that we have to hide parts of who we are in order to belong and be loved. In a trauma-filled world, we are often expected to choose certain aspects of ourselves over others.

But none of us can be reduced to just one thing. We are complex beings with multiple identities and different parts of our personalities that deserve to be seen, heard, and celebrated.

*I am private pay only, meaning I DO NOT ACCEPT INSURANCE. As a result we have more privacy and more flexibility over what you want your experience in therapy to look like and feel like.

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