Are you ready to set healthy boundaries in your relationships? Have you been wanting to explore your sexuality but didn't know where to start? Is your non-monogamous relationship experiencing friction? Do you feel trauma has stolen from you?

Maybe you are the survivor, strong friend, and problem solver who, from the outside, has it all together. But on the inside you feel overwhelmed, confused, and need support. Yet you sometimes wonder, "Is this worth going to therapy for?" If your boundaries leave you questioning yourself, if you want to explore your sexuality, if you and your partner(s) want support, or if you're ready to reclaim you life after trauma, IT IS worth going to therapy for. Your wellness is worth going to therapy for.

Healing Exchange was created in affirmation of how therapeutic the right dialogue can be in helping you heal when you decide to face your truth, challenge years of silence, and are empowered to take control of your story. It is my goal to create a brave space for you to explore yourself, your relationship with others, and work towards living a life of satisfaction and pleasure that you desire and deserve.

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Permission & Pleasure is a 6-month group therapy setting for trauma survivors. Learn more here: https://www.healingxchg.com/group-therapy