You have always been whole. You have always been worthy of your own love and care.
You have always been worthy of a life that feels good for you.
It’s the experiences along the way of this winding, chaotic, messy, grief/joy/pain/pleasure filled life that can leave us with stories that limit our ability to truly see ourselves, and to live our lives from that place of truth.

I’m here as a reminder. A mirror of your inherent worthiness. A guide as you navigate this path to share the framework that you already are good enough and deserve a life that reflects that.

This framework is love. And love is what you are. So if you’re feeling the call to see more of who you are, feel more of who you are, and bring that into your life, you are in the right space.

Together we create a sacred space for you to be present with yourself and love up on yourself, with the tools I have gathered along the way available to you at a gentle pace: EMDR trauma processing, hypnotherapy, yoga, and energy healing. With a sacred space and the right tools, your inner healer takes the driver's seat in your life and transformation happens.

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