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You're a single woman. Your mind wanders in the silence, if your friends knew who you were they wouldn't be your friend (at least that’s what you think).

You feel betrayed by your feelings. You go about your day not at all bothered by the uncertainty growing inside. You can't stand to look at yourself in the mirror, longing for peace and contentment while aching about past mistakes.

You've tried working more because then your mind has something to 'focus' on. You avoid the chorus of negativity and doubt every minute by listening to as many podcasts as humanly possible, from the moment you wake up to when you fall asleep.

Honestly and not so truthfully, you feel quite proud for making it this far. Your family had enough and although you worried some about food being on the table, it always worked out. I am down to earth, I cut to the chase, and I’m honest. I help you connect your vision of yourself and your reality.

You think other people have serious problems. Making other people's goals and desires the center of attention is easier than understanding your own design. You’ve told yourself, ‘I'm busy.’ Aren't we all? Stop longing for fulfillment using a mirror not created for you.

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