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The mirror you're looking into wasn’t made for you. You’re a single woman, an only child, and now you're sitting in an apartment on the 3rd floor by yourself. You stare at the 6 sided parker mirror bought from City Furniture and how it expands the emptiness growing inside you. The silence has you feeling unseen. Nothing you’ve tried has worked because you go back to an empty apartment with a bare fridge looking to be filled.

You checked off all the boxes. Bachelor's degree. Post-graduate degree. Apartment you pay an arm and a leg for. A corporate firm position. You're a strong independent woman. Check. There are more boxes to check.

Buying a home, having a family, and being a leader in a position that provides justice for those in need. Who are you kidding? If you don’t think about any of it, it'll go away, but that stopped working and you feel betrayed. I show up and build layer by layer your sense of belonging within yourself. You’re skeptical. Counseling is for skeptics.

You see yourself in your round prim hall mirror and can’t stand it. Other people have more serious problems. Making other people's problems your focus is what got you here in the first place. Counseling is the space for you to take in your design. Click ‘email me’ and book a consultation.

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