It’s hard to relax even when you’ve worked so hard for it. Living inside this luxury style apartment was supposed to be the place you could be your full self. The silence leaves you feeling unseen and your vibrancy is muted.

Your completed to-do list did not account for the emptiness you feel.

You’re sitting on a modern taupe Mcleary sofa from Ashley’s. The polyester foam cushions once soft are hard to settle into and now even the brass tone finished legs seem harsh. You look around the first apartment you’ve lived in since you moved to this new city.

The arched white lamp hangs over the couch and the red accent rug was bold, which was who you were once. Through the sliding glass door you see the pool and the palm trees surrounding it –everything out there thrives, yet living inside this apartment has you on mute.

You want everyone to know you’ve lived fully, yet internal chaos rings. It’s like the 2022 car you bought, it didn’t give you the spark of confidence you expected.

Counseling is made for skeptics who look at themselves in the mirror and can’t stand it. Counseling is made for you to take in your design. Click ‘email me’ and book a consult.

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