I assist my clients with many different clinical issues including: anxiety, depression, identity development, trauma (including racial), life transitions, LGBTQ+ issues, stress, cultural conflicts, childhood trauma, identity development, relationship conflicts, and wellness. My specialties are working with teens and adults who have experienced trauma and grief. I utilize a person-centered psychodynamic approach that is centered around cultural humility. I also am well versed in Cognitive behavioral therapy as well.

I specialize primarily in anxiety, depression, grief and trauma. I find that with recovering from trauma there needs to be a two pronged approach which includes getting functioning again and processing the trauma simultaneously.
I help to provide a safe environment where clients can heal and grow a stronger sense of emotional awareness, sense of self, personal freedom. Together we can help to address your deepest concerns and to heal from trauma of all kinds. My hope is that you understand yourself and through treatment make positive changes in your life.

Practice Details
Group Therapy Details

Women's Issues Group

A therapy group for women to encourage self-understanding, self-acceptance, and growth in a safe, nurturing, and confidential environment with women who share similar goals. This will be a closed group offered on telehealth. This group will not be covered by insurance. The topics that will be covered over a 10 week period will be issues like boundaries/limits, mindfulness, self esteem, sexuality, emotional awareness, and more.

Let's Get Free- Discussion on racial identity

Rachel (group facilitator) though life experience and her years of practice realizes that there are not many spaces to have these kinds of conversations about and around race. This group is meant to be a safe space to ask the deeper questions and process trauma. This group is primarily focused on black millennials looking for community in New Jersey. This group with help to understand micro/macro-aggression and the path to liberation. Some of the topics will be celebrating your racial identity, exploring identity, friendships, community, creating a support system around you, self awareness and more.