We as humans are born with only two fears: loud noises and falling. Everything else we fear is a construct of different aspects of our experiences on interpersonal, cultural, and societal levels. I believe these learned fears are the keys waiting for you to unlock your best self. I work to empower women to understand, process and overcome their biggest fears to discover and nurture their most fulfilling and meaningful life.

Human connection is an essential part of life. We all long for support and connection from birth and require it to survive and flourish, but it does not always come easy. I believe that we must learn and embody the truest definition of love within ourselves in order to welcome healthy, loving relationships, opportunities, and experiences into our lives. I work to help clients connect with their inner child to create and maintain a sincere, loving, and supportive connection with themselves.

My Therapeutic Approach:
I believe that all women have the birthright to experience a life that is fulfilling and free of suffering. I work with women to unlock and find power in their femininity by deconstructing individual and cultural aspects of patriarchal systems that have been used to minimize and disempower women for generations. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Solution-Focused Therapy, and art therapy modalities.

Professional Experience:
Throughout my professional journey, I have been privileged to work with a variety of populations, such as substance abuse, refugees, immigrants, incarcerated and returning citizens, and low-income families and children. With over six years of experience in counseling and therapeutic services, combined with my personal interest in mindfulness and spiritual health, my services help to guide clients to the best version of themselves in all facets.

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