I help adults struggling with issues of complex and developmental trauma, racial identity exploration and development, relationship challenges, life transitions, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and issues of intersectionality of marginalized identities. My practice attracts self-reflective people who are invested in their mental health and transformation, crave space to connect with their feelings, and want to learn how to more fully express fundamental beliefs or parts of their identity.

I'm a licensed clinical social worker striving to help individuals navigate the uncertainties in life. I am a certified perinatal mental health specialist. EMDR and AEDP (somatic attachment dynamic psychotherapy) are my primary theoretical orientations. I use EMDR in treating trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, and perinatal experiences (for example, stressful medical appointments during COVID, D&Cs, birth trauma, miscarriages, and IVF treatment).

My clients tend to enjoy playfulness and being challenged in sessions. I am warm, reflective, deeply relational and believe that we are partners in this process.

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