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While my counseling career in the educational arena spans nearly two decades, I began to broaden my work to include couples, marriage, and family therapy within the last six years. Since that time, I have had the opportunity sit with a number of couples and families as they navigate life’s complexities while working to live in honest, fulfilling, and connected relationship with each other.

My particular focus at this time is on working with couples from diverse backgrounds throughout their relationship life span. My goal is to walk alongside clients as they work toward carving out their own path of self-discovery and self-healing in their own time. Having spent much of my life in and around academic institutions, I have come to understand that systems (familial, cultural, educational, religious, etc.) play a significant role in all of our lives and that many of these systems can be at once beneficial and damaging to our development, self-perception, and ability to engage in relationships.

Whether you are dealing with a lack of intimacy, frequent miscommunication, challenges with extended family, or simply preparing to take the “next step” in your relationship via marriage and/or parenthood, we all experience moments when we could use an empathetic ear. The honesty of someone who is able to both challenge and support us may be all we need to achieve our relationship goals. With each couple, I work to create a safe and welcoming space for clients to bring their whole selves to session. If you and your partner find yourselves in this space, I invite you to reach out to me. I would be happy to explore how we might work together, from your areas of strength, to develop and employ tools to help you live life well.

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