More than ever in this day and time people are struggling to make sense of life and the world around them. Are you experiencing depression and anxiety? Are you going through a life transition that leaves you at a loss of where to go next in your life? Are you suffering from burnout or compassion fatigue? If you need help navigating the highs and lows of life , changing the way you think is often what we need to change our lives. I look forward to teaching you the tools you need to take your life back and learn to work through and overcome the hills and valleys that life may throw your way.

My goal is to help my clients reclaim their lives by providing a compassionate and non-judgmental therapeutic environment . Our work together focuses on enhancing self awareness, understanding of behavioral patterns, replacing irrational and negative beliefs systems with rational and positive ones and learning techniques for coping with life stressors. Often our belief systems can affect how we view and experience the world and the people around us. I would like to help you to identify the belief systems that are not serving you and help you to identify your strengths so that you can use those strengths to overcome the obstacles you have been experiencing in your life.

My approach is one that is person-centered I am eclectic and use techniques that best suit my client's individual needs. The theoretical approaches that I frequently use are Cognitive Behavioral ,Psycho-dynamic, and Solution-Focused Therapy. My specialties include helping my adult clients with life transitions, depression, anxiety, self-esteem and loss.

I look forward to speaking with you soon !

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