Having a hard time getting through past traumas from your childhood and you recognize how it's showing up in your relationships? Dealing with the stress of balancing work, family, while also juggling your own needs? Healing from a bad break-up that shattered your idea of where you thought you'd be at in life right now? Then Push Thru Therapy is for you. There is no issue too small or too big to receive help for.

Push Thru Therapy is a group practice geared to help women push through various tribulations in their lives. This is a space for women and for mothers. Our clinicians' mission is to support and uplift women who are experiencing difficulties while traveling alongside them on their journeys. Our practice is a space to allow women to be vulnerable and also feel empowered.

We have a group of culturally competent therapists that have experience in working with trauma, anxiety, self-worth, identity, depression, stress management, life transitions, women issues, infertility, infant loss, and maternal mental health (postpartum depression & anxiety). Our non-judgmental approach to therapy is to collaborate with you in order to assist you in reaching your goals and helping you become the best version of yourself. We hear you. We work along side you. And we provide you with the tools necessary to push through.

We accept Aetna or Cigna insurances. Self-pay options are $70 per session.

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Join us in The Push (a space for black moms)

The black motherhood experience is very unique to us. Our journey contains many challenges from combating statistics, racism and discrimination, breaking generational curses and finding a space to heal. The Push was born out of a desire to provide a space of self care, community, balance and self-love for black mamas. Challenges come at us at all angles and we can sometimes forcefully push through, but The Push allows us to push forward in a renewed, healthy way.

Attendees will receive access to participate in monthly in-person meetings, two curated books for their group cycle, journal prompts, monthly playlist, resource list, and handouts.

Attendees will participate in meditation, grounding & mindfulness exercises, journaling, having a space to process and share, as well as connecting with other black mamas.

Only space for 8 participants as this is a closed & intimate group. Those interested will complete registration. Once this cycle is full, a waitlist will be created for possible entry into the second cycle.

This is for any black mother that is currently pregnant, has a new baby, or has older children in the home. The mission of The Push is to help our black mothers feel grounded, connected, and equipped to be their whole, authentic selves as they take voyage on their womanhood and motherhood journeys.

Meeting Once Per Month - In-Person - 2hr Session - June, July, August, & September

$175 per group

Email keisha@keishareaves.com to sign up