"Our goal at Project Replenish is to create a safe space for your mind to slow down, rest up, replenish, and refill."- Shayla Turner, LPC

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with a passion for providing a safe, non-judgmental, empathetic space for individuals to obtain awareness, healing, empowerment, and replenish their lives. I believe that each person has the capacity and desire for personal growth and change. My purpose in your journey is to be genuine, compassionate, and understanding to support your process. I encourage you to take the first step toward a patient-therapist relationship during which we can connect and collaborate to face whatever challenges have held you back from living a full, happy, and replenished life.

I've worked intensively with clients of domestic violence; at-risk youth, specifically dealing with addiction; clients of all ages with inpatient/outpatient facilities, providing individual and group therapy; and I was a clinical director of an MHMR clinic. With my background, I’ve treated trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, criminal conduct, and life transition issues.

I can honestly acknowledge that as a counselor, I have personally experienced life’s challenges regarding trauma, depression, grief, and transitions. It is my firm belief that therapy is not only a need but can serve as a lifeline. Please allow my therapeutic services with Project Replenish, PLLC to enrich your needs and be your lifeline today.

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