I have an extensive history of working with high-risk infants and young children and detained adolescents and young adults who present with trauma in addition to co-occurring disorders and a significant number of economic barriers. I believe parenting and family healing are vital to successful outcomes when working with young children and adolescents.

I have always worked in child welfare, so becoming a licensed mental health counselor was an easy transition. I have worked for several agencies, including the Department of Children and Families as well as other agencies aimed at child advocacy, child resilience, and child social-emotional protection. I am trained in infant mental health and nurturing parenting, and I am rostered in Florida to provide child-parent psychotherapy. I have years of experience working with parents to help them with bonding and attachment as well as helping their children achieve developmental milestones.

I am most excited that communities of color as well as the LGBTQ+ population are finally being heard and research is finally being directed toward a clearer understanding of how race and systemic systems have impacted the mental health of the marginalized.

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