Since I was a child I dreamed of being a therapist. Basic therapeutic skills such as engagement, attentive listening, introspection and empathy, have always come naturally to me. I take pride in being able to advocate for communities of color in the mental health arena. I understand the influence and impact representation has in mental health for members of the communities I belong to. I have always believed everyone should be respected, heard, and seen in their humanity, and as a therapist, I am able to support my clients through times when this feels challenged.

My experience as a therapist has been diverse. Many of the clients I have worked with struggle with balance while navigating new paths and unexpected roadblocks. Some may find themselves in a panic when faced with anxiety and worry from fear of the unknown. Others report being thrown off course with low productivity and mood changes from depression. Navigating these experiences alone can be scary and feel defeating. With the right support, however, these changes can guide us into sacred rest and provide us with new tools for life’s journey.

My promise to my clients is to always show up authentically. Authenticity in practice means providing a safe experience for my clients to show up as themselves unapologetically. Authenticity in practice also means holding myself and my peers accountable to best practice standards and supporting our professional development.

I am available during weekdays for virtual sessions in NY and FL. The practice can assist clients with setting a sliding scale rate ($100-$200 for individual sessions. $125-$250 for Couples or Family sessions.) and/or seeking out of network reimbursement through insurance. You can schedule a free phone consultation with me here: https://calendly.com/piagetgriffin I look forward to speaking with you!

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