Hello, My name is Philomena , but you can call me Philo, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker- Qualified Supervisor in the state of Florida who has been in the field since 2013. My work history is colored with working with Teen Mother experiencing Crisis Pregnancy who opted to parent or place their children for adoption, assessing the Veteran population for biopsychosocial needs, and working in the educational setting as a School Therapist for Middle and High School age students. I have a love for Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Social Work Practice with the Elderly and have Undergrad and Graduate Certificates in both areas, respectively.

While my resume and credentials may speak to my professional qualifications, I have many additional experiences that support my knowledge and cultural sensitivity. I offer a zeal for working with adolescents, teens, young adults, and women wishing to manifest change in their lives. I have worked with students struggling under social pressures and depression and have a natural knack for life skills, career guidance and helping others adjust to "Adulting." I firmly believe in the connectivity to ourselves and our environment and utilize a Systems / Strength-Based approach, focusing on what can be accomplished rather than deficits. Working as a Psychotherapist at NOLA Adulting LLC, I am able to help in bridging the gap between what formal education has taught us and life experiences. High School has prepared us for solving the quadratic equation, running a mile under 10 minutes, and understanding that in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue, but we are not prepared on how to manage that feeling of emptiness we may experience post graduation and entering the workforce, setting appropriate boundaries in interpersonal relationships, or correct work email etiquette when we are fed up.

You are capable of making the change you wish to make. I believe in the therapeutic process, and though, at times difficult, I understand the best view typically comes after the hardest climbs. I look forward to hearing from you soon to provide assistance.

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