Do you feel as if the world is evolving at an overwhelming rate? feeling as if every time you go to bed you wake up in a new realm? Makes absolute sense to feel that way. I hope the time that you chose to invest in your self will support you to take a deep breath and be able to reflect on your ability to take control of the things that you can and learn to let go of the things that you cannot. Between anxiety, depression, societal expectations, racial injustice and the plethora of change in our world, its good to have someone to rely on processing the everyday shifts.
Using a combination of CBT, Solution focused and collaborative techniques, we can take the time to figure out how to make adjustments, create and utilize coping skills and enjoy the experience of life.
Whereas the road may not be clear, flat and without imperfection but I believe that this process will end with the feeling of empowerment, strength and the ability to take on life without hesitation. I hope you can be excited as I am to be on this journey together!

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