My training in EMDR allows me to work with clients who have experienced mental, emotional, physical and relational trauma. Specifically, I collaborate with clients in using EMDR to focus on traumatic memories and reduce the emotional impact of the trauma. This helps clients decrease, resolve or eliminate negative response to memories and impact related to trauma. This is a process focused on instilling hope. Meaning, you'll learn some ways to deal with stress, distress, triggers and anxiety related to trauma and related anxiety, depression and more. You'll also break cognitive (and negative) associations resulting from trauma and develop more positive thought patterns and belief systems. You'll build a healthier relationship and awareness of your body and be better attuned to how trauma has affected your attunement to yourself.

My therapeutic approach combines imagery, mindfulness, spirituality, and cognitive techniques in a structured treatment plan designed to meet each client’s specific treatment needs. I provide trauma counseling and assess, diagnose and treat anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance, OCD and substance use. Together we work through shame, guilt, family conflict, sexual, emotional and physical abuse, parental neglect or abandonment that causes flashbacks, avoidance patterns, hypervigilance, mistrust, intrusive thoughts, fear and more. I work from a decolonizing space. Meaning I factor in how oppressive, racist, sexist and agist people and systems affect your mental health.

I work from a person-centered, humanistic approach. I utilize a trauma-informed perspective to recognize how disruptions of the past may inform you in the present. I work from a culturally competent stance, where I acknowledge the whole self and create a space that honors personal identity and intersectionalities.

Feeling safe, confident and clear can be challenging. However, developing the skills to remain regulated is possible and a critical part of thriving as opposed to simply surviving. I'll sit with you every step of the way, listen compassionately, evoke a safe curiosity about yourself and the world and leave you feeling safe within yourself and around others.

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