The exhaustion is heavy. You can’t find the motivation to do “normal” things. Even getting out of bed is a struggle. Putting on a facade is how you get through the day because you don’t want to bother or burden anyone else. Instead you avoid people and the things you know you need to do because you just cant anymore. You’re disappointed that the rigid goals you set have not happened and you feel worse when you see your friends living the life you want.

You thought you’d be married by now, in your dream career right after college. You don’t think the pressure you put on yourself is necessarily a bad thing, but you’re also realizing that it’s actually not helping you to reach any goals. It just makes you feel like a failure, like you’ll never accomplish anything.

You know there has to be a better way, but you’re not even sure where to start. You want to start viewing yourself from all the ways you are worthy, deserving and capable. You want to learn to forgive yourself and others. You want to stop sabotaging yourself in ways that keep you from the things you desire. You want to feel the relief of having a better understanding of who you are, where you want to be in life, and feel more confident in your ability to handle the challenges in your life.

You are ready to change. You are ready to go from being overwhelmed to being clear.
You are ready to go from wounded to healed.
You are ready to stop avoiding so that you can approach challenges head on.
You are ready to be in control of your body and your feelings.
You are ready to remove the barriers so that you can be free to be who YOU want to be.

And I am ready to go on that journey with you and support you in creating a space where you can truly show up as your authentic self. I can help you eliminate the pressures of who you are “supposed to be” by embracing who you are.

I approach therapy from a person centered, solution focused lens. I am also Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) trained. All this means is that in therapy with me, you will be encouraged to be who you truly are by learning new skills and developing further insights into your deepest desires so that you can release yourself from the expectations of others and create your own blueprint for life. We will empower you to move away from being controlled by the messages you’ve received about how your life should be right now and feel settled in living life exactly the way you want to live.

Visit our website to schedule your first appointment with me and start your healing journey today. I have immediate availability.

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I am offering a Therapeutic Book Club!

Sometimes we feel alone, as no one can understand the pain we feel. We wear masks of perfection and feel unable to live as our authentic selves. We struggle with knowing what healthy love and relationships look and feel like. We may never. have learned. If you can relate to these feelings, this therapeutic book club is for you! This is an opportunity to dive deeper into why love hasn’t been working out for you and how society or people in your life have contributed to the way you live and love….or don’t.

If you are in need of a supportive group to help you along your healing journey, visit our website, under the group therapy tab, to learn more.