You keep asking yourself, “When will this feeling go away?” The disappointment of not meeting the expectations that others have set for you. You’re surrounded by people you love, yet, you feel empty and disconnected. Nothing that you've accomplished feels like it is good enough. On the inside, you’re screaming “See ME! Listen to me!” But on the outside, everything looks well put together to everyone else. They don’t even notice anything is wrong. You suffer in silence, put on a mask, and pretend that everything is okay. But you are not okay. The exhaustion from trying to live up to everyone else’s standards is weighing heavy on you.

Let me help you lighten your load. With an abundance of care and attention, we will unpack your life experiences and release the pressure of who you have been told you are "supposed" to be. With me, you can learn to just be who you are, unapologetically. We will challenge the beliefs that it is hard to just be you and help you thrive in your authenticity.

It’s time to say hello to healing, purpose, inner peace, and self-assurance. I will help you build your confidence and learn to truly live and love you as you are right now. You get to decide how you show up in the world. It’s time for you to thrive.

I approach therapy from a person centered, solution focused lens. I am also EMDR trained. In therapy with me, you will learn new skills and develop further insights into who you are becoming, not continuing to live a life dictated by who others have told you you need to be.

Visit our website to learn more about me, schedule your first appointment and start your healing journey. I have immediate availability.

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I am offering a Therapeutic Book Club!

Sometimes we feel alone, as no one can understand the pain we feel. We wear masks of perfection and feel unable to live as our authentic selves. We struggle with knowing what healthy love and relationships look and feel like. We may never. have learned. If you can relate to these feelings, this therapeutic book club is for you! This is an opportunity to dive deeper into why love hasn’t been working out for you and how society or people in your life have contributed to the way you live and love….or don’t.

If you are in need of a supportive group to help you along your healing journey, visit our website, under the group therapy tab, to learn more.