I see you. If you've made it here, you're searching for something, be it healing, growth, freedom or answers. Perhaps you're just looking and not tied to an outcome, I see you. I am passionate about joining individuals and couples at the core of their pain, in the middle of the mess and within their distress. I am here to provide comfort, validation and offer challenges that will facilitate positive changes within your life. All that I ask is that you come as you are and to be searingly honest because, that is where your power and capacity for healing lies.

I bring a variety of clinical experiences to my practice having worked in hospital, inpatient, outpatient, and private practice settings. I am passionate about working with and creating a safe space for individuals with marginalized identities. I recognize that we exist within oppressive systems and I aim to co-create a space where we can process these systemic traumas and tap into our resiliency and capacity to resist, rejoice, rest and recharge.

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