Do you find you are expected to manage all of the responsibilities of your home, make attempts to try to maintain work-life balance, juggle daily stressors, all while still carrying that generational childhood trauma you have yet to address? I see and I hear you! It can be hard managing life with current day stressors on top of past situations and stressors that continue to effect you in the present. You want to get back to feeling like you, you want to be a better you in the present and for your future self.

My goal is to continue to provide insight and awareness that you already have. My approach for therapy includes connecting issues back to childhood to see how it affects you in the present. That includes empowering you, holding you accountable, challenging behaviors and keeping you focused. Sometimes we find that we may overcompensate, lack emotional awareness, may exhibit people pleasing behaviors, in turn leading us to compromising our mental and physical health at times. Through open dialogue, we will work together to find the best resolutions and behaviors that are more healthy.

My priority is our therapeutic relationship first so that you can feel comfortable and trust the process. I often utilize CBT to help assist with negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors and trauma treatment and tools to help process unresolved trauma. Check out my website and schedule with me today! I look forward to working with you.

Shakira Kea, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

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