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Hello, have you ever wondered why you react to things that seem mundane and everyday? Are you curious why simple things that should be easily mastered produce dread and avoidance? Sometimes the reasons are not immediately in front of you but require a journey into your past. I come alongside to walk you through the process of meeting your inner child. I seek to empower you as the adult to reparent that child, to correct the negative feelings that arise as a result of childhood issues. I help create new perspectives to formulate more a more positive self-image. I encourage you to dream to see yourself in better situations, and to better able to manage those situations.

We will use the whole person approach addressing the mind, body and spirit. Though able and willing to use a strictly clinical approach, I am a Christian Counselor who will use the principles and teachings of the Bible to address the issues that are common to all of us. I will also use evidence based techniques to help you overcome the things that hold you back from being your best self. I am warm and nurturing and eager to help you develop a better relationship with yourself.

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