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Welcome to our practice. We have several terrific ethnically diverse clinicians in Beverly Hills and DTLA who are privileged to work with individuals, couples and families. Our style is focused on helping you understand your development in a way that allows you to become unstuck from your concerns. Our common sense approach is aimed at helping you gain insight into your past and present, enabling you to make healthier choices about your present and future. We treat a range of concerns, and are available to work with you in many languages. It is important to us that you feel like you can be understood, on every level. We maintain a broad psychotherapy practice that includes individual, couple and family psychotherapy with children, adolescents and adults. Our mindful psychotherapy style is to join with you, utilizing contemporary psychodynamic principles, to help you address your concerns. During this process, the aim is to help you understand your own development and construction in a meaningful way that allows you to become unstuck from concerns that you have. More specifically, this depth-focused approach is aimed at helping you as an individual, couple or family, gain insight into both your past and present, so that you can be able to make clearer and healthier choices about your present and future. The more you understand how and why you think, feel and act the way you do, the easier it becomes to make the important everyday choices you need to make in life, work and relationship.

Some typical psychotherapy concerns of the practice are:

Relationship/couple issues
Interracial/intercultural relationships
Depressive disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Compulsive Overeating
Body image issues
Personality disorders
High conflict divorce/custody issues
Family reunification therapy
Parenting/child behavior problems
Sexual compulsivity/addiction
Sexual abuse, sexual assault
Complex trauma issues/PTSD
Compulsive spending/shopping
Alcohol/substance abuse
LGBTQ concerns
First generation-American concerns
Type I Diabetes concerns
Attachment issues
Anger management
Medical concerns

We have several skilled and experienced ethnically diverse therapists available in both Beverly Hills and DTLA. We understand that feeling understood on every level is critical to being able to make progress in therapy. We are committed to an anti-racist, fully inclusive perspective to psychotherapy and approach our work with clients with care, sensitivity and respect for their unique, diverse identities.

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