Often our hurtful experiences are out of our control. You didn’t choose to live with pain. You are tired of feeling alone and misunderstood. The reality is our painful experiences and memories can shape our beliefs and worldviews, creating guilt, shame, anger, and isolation. Living with chronic pain, illness, trauma, anxiety, and grief – does change us. Even if you don’t feel like it at this very moment, there is part of you that knows they deserve something more, whether it’s self-compassion, healthy connections, pleasure, or the chance to move from surviving to thriving. You are ready for something more, I can help you.

Clients come to me needing someone relatable, gentle, and affirming- someone who normalizes their experiences and helps them get to the root of their concerns. Sessions together are more just talking but incorporating your mind, body & soul to experience deep healing and re-connected to self using somatic therapy. Your healing is at your pace and comfort.

I welcome all humans of different backgrounds, genders, races, and beliefs. My values and approaches are LGBTQIA+ affirming, trauma-informed, and culturally sensitive. You don't have to show up how the world thinks you should be -just how you are.

Please visit my website to complete a free consultation form at www.thevirtualcouchtherapy.com and I will reach out to you!

North Carolina - I accept most BCBS plans, Friday Health Plans, OON, self-pay, and Loveland Vouchers.

Colorado- OON, self-pay, and Loveland Vouchers.

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