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Individuals, Couples, Mother-Daughter pairs and Co-parents, I am happy to work with you.

*COVID-19: Looking to improve on issues brought to the surface from these unprecedented times? Fear can have an influence on your days more than you like. You're looking to shift patterns and know there's more for you than living in all or nothing/now or never extremes. There are some layers to break through first to find your middle. Therapy can be the space for you to choose who you are rather than the past decide this for you. I support clients in overcoming self-limiting ideas, anxiety ruling their lives, and trauma dominating your sense of safety so you can have the peace and balance you deserve.

For relationships:
I offer a way to focus on the beliefs and behavior in the relationship for it to develop a new Foundation of Trust--a space already there that we simply bring to the surface. You will find your choices for your relationship start to align with what it needs and what you need in it. I work with couples and mothers and daughters who know they deserve the best relationship they can have and are willing to show up for it, even if it means using the difficult to get to the good. It's about what the relationship values most. If you want an intuitive yet structured therapist who guides the sessions according to the both of your needs, making each voice equally heard and honored, let's talk. We may be a match.

I am EMDR-trained (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) and also use CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), CBT, Anxiety-reduction and compassionate listening modalities, along with tools in the alternative-therapeutic arts for your on-going healing.

I'd love to support you.
Individual Consultation: https://calendly.com/allomothering-therapy/individual-therapy-consultation
Couples Consultation: https://calendly.com/allomothering-therapy/consultation
Mother-Daughter Consultation: https://calendly.com/allomothering-therapy/mother-daughter-coaching-consultation
Email: info@allomothering.org
Call office line: 347.788.0193.

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