Sometimes being comfortable doesn't equal happiness--especially, when it means being attached to what's familiar. You realize you're in some codependent relationships. Or that you grew up with a parent who treated you as a partner, where you were responsible for their emotional well-being or had to play adult roles way too soon. Now, you want to stop getting your worth from how others see you, or what you can do for them. Or you want to stop getting close with people despite red flags, yet staying in the relationship because, again, it's what’s familiar.

I am a trauma-informed therapist with a focus on inner child work, emotional abandonment, mother-daughter issues, self-trust, and boundaries. We might be a great fit for working together if you want to develop self-compassion, self-protection, and self-trust. I support clients in shifting out of now/never, fight/flight, all/nothing answers to pain or hurt. I provide cognitive and somatic skills in how to listen to your feelings and your body. My approach is structured yet intuitive in how I listen to you and your needs. I also provide out-of-session tools/homework for extra support.

With a background in writing and performance theater, I also love supporting creatives in navigating life as an artist--especially when your work is taking you into layers of the psyche and heart you did not anticipate.

*Additionally: If challenges with your parent or your adult-child are present, you may be looking for transparent and supportive communication that addresses hurt from the past. I support you in how to repair and grow from where the past is still playing out in your present relationship.

My other areas of focus: Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety and Stress management.

For all consultations, please book here: https://allomothering.as.me.

Email: info@allomothering.org
Call office line: 838.465.9294

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