Seeking therapy can be anxiety provoking, especially finding someone you can connect to. I get that the task is daunting but it takes a lot of courage to be here, right now. You’re taking the first step. I'm sure you have a multitude of situations going on whether it's having a hard time processing the feelings you're feeling, challenges, stress, unpack traumatic events, navigating the world or experience a more loving self, it is a lot and oftentimes scary. Let’s work it out together. My aim as a counselor is to create a safe space where you can freely discuss these situations or feelings and examine healthier choices.
I’d like to explore who you are as an individual, then work with you to apply methods that work best with you. My approach is grounded in mindfulness, person-centered, and involves cognitive behavior therapy; I believe this unique blend can find a way.
As a Indo-Caribbean-American born, I understand the stigma behind mental health and I approach therapy using a Multicultural lens that incorporates your views and your identity into the therapy process. It took a lot of courage to be here, to read this, thank you. If you're ready to move forward, to begin your healing journey, feel free to email/call.

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Grief and Loss Support Group
This group is for adults having challenges coping with death. Support will be provided to address the unique emotions that come with grief. Coming together can be comforting and instill hope in your future. - Group is currently Virtual and 8 weeks

Every Monday
6pm - 7:30pm

Cost: Insurance or $40