My name is Brianna Headen, and I'm a Soul Care Practitioner and Certified Purpose Life Coach, with a heart for women. I facilitate an atmosphere that is conducive in helping women discover their true identity and live their best lives on purpose and with purpose. I believe that one cannot live or have an abundant life if their soul is wounded with past hurts, riddled with shame, guilt, and/or fears. I believe that without knowing your identity it truly hinders one from freedom of living authentically.

Each session we take the time and peel back the layers of your life and dig to the root of why you are, why you move, think, react, and perceive things the way you do. We unpack what has kept you wounded and as a victim. Each session moves you closer to victory, wholeness, and a life filled with purpose and abundant living.

In addition to being a Pastor with a Masters in Christian Counseling, I am a Chaplain, a Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, Mental Health Coach, and a Board-Certified Pastoral Counselor with a strong Christian worldview that is firmly rooted in God's Word and personal life experiences. I have worked in some area of mental health for over twenty-five years and am honored to have served some of the bravest people I will ever know. I'd like to help you identify and reach your personal emotional wellness goals using Christ as our compass.

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