Life happens to the best of us, and it can be very overwhelming in general. With women juggling more roles, there has been an overwhelming increase in pressure to push through when you may feel like you are operating on fumes. Whether you are amid a positive, exciting life event or more stressful experience, life transitions are inevitable. This is for the woman who may be functioning well on the outside but falling apart inside. You came here because maybe you are feeling disconnected from yourself & others, chronically exhausted, loss in the day-to-day life, and questioning this version of you.

Yes, it is normal to feel some level of discomfort as life is happening around you. However, no one should have to suffer silently and navigate this challenging space alone without adequate support. Does this sound like you?

Feeling on edge, being “snappy” with children/friends/family, easily fatigued with small task, difficulty with being present with your children, not being able to show up in relationships, feeling restless, thinking negatively about yourself, or feeling tensed in your body. Whether your goal is to make lifestyle changes or discover a more aligned version of you, consider taking that journey with me!

No matter what kind of transition you are facing, learning to adapt can impact your personal and professional development. The good news is there’s hope! This could mean an opportunity for you to co-create a healing space and address challenges unique to you. My exclusive 4 step approach can help you become more self-aware and gain insight into how life changes can lead you to personal strength, confidence and help increase your adaptability.

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Are you a mom of young children and have been feeling like lately you have been getting completely overwhelmed? The Melanin Mom Collective virtual support group provides mothers with children ages 0-5 a safe space to process individual experiences while building community through authentic and supportive connections with other women. We meet for 4 weeks at a time, engaging in healthy dialogue and exploration around topics that include but are not limited to: identity issues, routines & self-care, body image, navigating friendships (family, friends, and dating), community/village, returning to work, physical recovery (postpartum shedding, weight gain/loss etc), irritability/angry anxiety, etc