Are you here because you don't like where you are in life ? Does this make you feel like you haven't done enough, achieved enough, or even feel like you are not enough ? I get it! balancing work, relationships, and family expectations post pandemic can be challenging. It's not uncommon to feel stagnant, tearful, little to no motivation, and struggle with low confidence.

Holding to a lifelong personal belief that there's no such thing as the right time to seek therapy. Every moment is the right moment to grow. I encourage you to take steps towards what matters. By working collaboratively together, you will be provided with the right tools to live the life you deserve.

I specialize in STAIR Therapy for Trauma and PTSD, and utilize various approaches that also address work stress, pressure from family culture, sleep issues, depression, ADHD, and bipolar disorder, interpersonal relationships, and self confidence. My work speaks to Perfectionists, Givers, Chasers, and High-Achievers. Particularly, those who grew up suppressing their needs and self-expression as a means of survival. Whom were often told to be seen but not to be heard. I work with first and second-generation adult children of immigrants, navigating intergenerational trauma, life transitions, bi-cultural identity, and sexual orientation.

My approach to therapy is warm, relaxed, and direct. I believe change is individual and oftentimes, progress is a marathon, not a sprint. I go according to your abilities, meeting you where you are and working from there, and here is where we cross paths.

If you're ready to chat about what our therapeutic work could be like or if you're ready to schedule, let’s get in touch.

PLEASE NOTE: I accept these insurances and waiting to be paneled with BCBS.

Aetna, Cigna, Harvard Pilgrim, United Behavioral Health, Allways, and any insurance under Optum.

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