Life can be stressful.

Whether it be your family, partners, work, and/or friends— It can all be too much at times. Sometimes, we just need a little help and/or someone to talk it out with.

I can be that person.

My therapeutic style is an integrative type. My foundations are CBT, Gestalt, and Reality Therapy. This means, we will identify then confront the challenges or issues you’re having. Figure out what is contributing to them, whether we delve into the past and/or explore the present.

We will talk and process, as much as you will put your new tools and techniques into practice (outside of session). I do not practice a passive type of therapy. And Yes, this takes active work.

But, I will be with you as we embark on this journey of self exploration.

I provide individual and couples counseling to all LGBTQ+ folx, poly (including others in your polycule, if needed), and/or kink/BDSM lifestylers. I am passionate about creating safe and affirming spaces for all, including those that differ from heteronormative constructs.

We will work collaboratively to improve daily functioning and achieve a higher quality of life. Wholesome, healthy, happiness is the goal.

If you would like to schedule a consultation, please follow the link below and choose from the available times. Note: consultation times differ from session times


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