Baltimore, Maryland 21218, United States


Do you struggle with depression, anxiety, mood disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, difficulty concentrating, negative thoughts, eating disorder, substance abuse, compulsions, and many more? If yes, it’s time to seek professional help. Would you like to participate in meaningful guided interactions? I believe that our regular one-on-one detailed psychiatric evaluation is what you need. Reflect on it. You are in the best position to assess your needs.

I am Oluwatosin Arowosegbe, a licensed psychiatric nurse practitioner (CRNP-PMHNP-BC) with multiple years of experience in mental health care. I work with individuals looking for ways to overcome issues such as anger management, antisocial personality, anxiety, depression, mood disorder, child or adolescent medication management, obsessive-compulsive (OCD), oppositional defiance, substance abuse, suicidal ideation, trauma, and PTSD.

My goal is to find the cause of a problem and find a way to neutralize its influence on my clients. So far, I have enjoyed great success, and I always feel happy when I see my client find the courage to take on their issues.

Do not feel shy. If you need my assistance, I promise to make sure I am always available to offer my diverse professional experience. I envision a world where we can all express our mental health needs the same way we express our medical needs without stigmatization. My mission is to avail mental health help to everyone who needs it. I will be pleased when I see you improving in whichever way you need.

I also enjoy conversations. I find that these conversations let me know you and customize our sessions to your specific needs. Also, If you feel raffled by anything, we will work together to find your center and get you to your best possible self. We have a common goal because we both want to enrich and empower. My services are compassionate and based on the best evidence practice.

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