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You're going through life and it clicks one day, you look around and you're not sure how you got here. You're wondering how you missed so much of your own life, how did you lose yourself so fast? Life can be hard, it can sometimes speed by so fast you barely catch your breath. You're here now, take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, and unclench your jaw, you're in the right place. Here you don't have to stress, here you don't have to pretend. I'm here to share my safe bubble with you, with me you'll get support and with me you'll feel unconditional positive regard.

I am trained and competent in providing services to children and adults who are dealing with personal problems stemming from daily life difficulties, crisis, relationship issues and family conflict. I particularly specialize in depression, anxiety, personality disorders, women issues, teen behavioral issues and grief.

My name is Tosin and I would love to help you along this journey, I know what a big step it is to seek support and I applaud you for getting this far. I have a holistic approach to treatment so I am concerned with the whole of you. There is healing in telling our story and the first step is a consultation! Email me and lets chat!

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