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Trauma informed, Black, female identified, cis, therapist who is passionate about high quality mental health care and treatment for all people of color. I believe health inequities cost lives and that all people should feel as though they have choices and have someone to talk to.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, and so much more. Learning to balance a high demand job, while raising a family, and trying to take care of myself during a global pandemic, civil unrest, systemic oppression, and recognizing the traumatic responses my body is holding. It is a journey that has provided clarity and continued to fuel my passion and fire for this work.

I believe that we need to normalize Black vulnerability.

I believe that all people (no matter what they identify as) should be given the choice in name, pronoun, and safety in all settings.

I believe all therapists, counselors, social workers, and mental health providers and advocates in all forms should be advocates of social justice for all peoples.

I believe that I will always have space to learn and that I too should be held accountable when in terms of continued education in all areas of human life which include but is not limited to immigration, neurodiversity, disability and impairment advocacy and education.

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