Posted 3/19/23

Thank you for visiting my site. Currently, I am on a waitlist for new clients. PLEASE complete the contact form located at the bottom of the page at: www.obsidiankollective.com to be added to my waitlist. Currently my waitlist may have openings as soon as 90 days (June 2023) or up to 6 months (September 2023) from now. Waitlist clients are chosen by first-come, first-serve. Once, this post is removed, the waitlist will be no longer active. Thanks for your patience as my small, black woman-owned business grows!

Hi There!

Welcome to Obsidian Kollective Healing & Coaching! I am so glad that you found your way to my page! My name is Sherri White and I will be your coach on your journey to healing and self-discovery!

Let's get the boring stuff out the way...

I am a Certified Master Life Coach and I have a Master's Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. I have more than 25+ years combined in both fields. Think about it, what is better than a coach with a mental health therapy background? My expertise has allowed me to provide healing and support to numerous individuals and families. What I provide as a healer is beyond education and experience. It is my calling!

Plot Twist! I found myself feeling stuck and overwhelmed both personally and professionally around 2018. I desperately craved change. I would pride myself on risk-taking but still somehow managed to play things safe from fear of failure, overwhelm, and personal readiness. I knew I wanted more and had more to offer than what playing safe would allow. I had more to offer but did not know where I wanted to begin. I was full of ideas but lacked focus. Sometime in 2020, in the thick of a pandemic, I began devising an exit plan for myself! I was unhappy living in a rural slow-paced small town that I relocated to in order to be closer to my family after my mom passed in 2017.

As I longed for diversity, a change of pace, and an expansion of my services and then, my AHA moment happened! I needed to take time to refocus, rebrand and relaunch how I delivered services. I felt restricted by the mental health side of the healing arts. I needed more freedom to create and be expressive with how I constructed and delivered services. I knew the tremendous value in the work I was providing as a therapist for others, but it was no longer enough for me, I craved change and had to make it happen! My restlessness grew, so, let's fast forward to early summer 2021. I was now back in Orlando and continuing to provide therapy. I decided to take the leap and began the process of closing my private therapy practice as I rolled out my new private coaching practice. I found myself anxious and concerned about my clients. I felt like I was leaving them hanging without what they needed in the way of support when I realized, it was perfectly fine for my decision to be about me. I had to remind myself that I actually owed it to them to take my leap to the next level. I had to remind myself and them to always be fearless. It was now my turn to help others to heal in a different way but with the same passion, focus, intention, and love that I had for therapy. It was time for me to chase my dreams! At this moment of clarity, Obsidian Kollective Healing & Coaching took its first breath!

I am now full-time with my private coaching practice and ready to pour all of my experience and wisdom into each of you! My coaching style is realness mixed with a bit of humor, a splash of girlfriend brunch behavior, the support of your favorite auntie, the spirituality of Neo Soul, the wisdom of melanin goddesses before my birth, and the leadership of Optimus Prime. I am here to be a support in the journey of your healing and self-discovery. If you are seeking a challenge, change, support, and healing, please complete the contact form at the bottom of any of the following pages for your free coaching clarity call. Coaching services are available throughout all states in the U. S.


I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for coming to my Ted Talk!


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